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Peoplevest is a leader in learning and performance development. We concentrate on improving the performance of individuals and groups in organizations.

We create a culture in organizations where individuals connect personally and professionally through a common set of values that transforms the workplace into a place of performance.

We promote collaboration among teams, through exploration of principals, values, motivators, and stressors, to uncover and maximize their strengths while learning to understand and manage their limitations.

We strategize with leaders at all levels on how they execute their business goals,  focusing on tangible steps directed at leading a group or organization toward desired outcomes.  It’s an opportunity for leaders at all levels of learning to reflect on how they approach each step of their work.

How We Do It

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    We understand that businesses such as small companies, start-ups, and not for profit organizations need training that aligns with their goals and objectives. That is why we customize all learning material for the client’s goals. We work with the client to ensure we cover all their desired results and create the curriculum to get the result.

    No organization can be placed on a one size fits all box. Every organization has a unique heartbeat and style they employ. We realize most people fear change. It is hard, exhausting and frustrating to implement. We believe we don’t change anything, we add. We tweak. We know that the little things were done right make a successful big picture. We look at all the little things- every step in the process, how it is presented when it is presented, who presents and the current outcome. We take all that data and present them with little adjustments they can implement that yield big results. Lastly, we include them in the process.

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    On-Boarding Orientation

    We work with the top leadership in a Mastermind meeting. We gather initial information about their business and identify their mission, goals, philosophies. We define what they want the employee to know, understand and believe about their new company; performance expectations; customers they serve; peers; and their expected roles within the organization.

    Once we have met with the top leaders, we meet with the management team to discuss findings and create a plan, execute the plan in a phased approach or roll out, making adjustments and revisions along the way. From that point, specialized learning would take place according to their specified roles.

    We develop a new hire Orientation for the company based upon the work completed with the top leaders and management. We offer DISC profiles and training if the company would like to understand the behavior styles of their team.

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    People might forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel…

    This entire program is broken down into sections. We slot specific times and divide the participants into groups if needed. To become skilled in this course, we role play and video.

    We cover listening, obstacles to good listening, how to connect with people, how to send clear messages, how to ensure messaging is on target. We discuss how people think and process information, the importance of words, voice inflection, tonality, posture.

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    Culture Creation and Re-creation

    Actions speak louder than words.

    The culture we create is contingent on the client. However, we believe most clients want happy, satisfied customers who rave about their services and recommend others to use them. To achieve this, you need a company infused culture with messaging in both word and action that resonates the thinking, beliefs, and culture of that company.

    We work with top leaders to discuss their dreams, goals, desired results. We look at what is currently happening. We go hands-on into each area of business and see what is currently happening. We report back to company leaders what we uncovered/discovered. We discuss ideas for adjusting systems and processes to achieve the desired culture. We map out an implementation plan to get started.

    We work with companies to identify who they are, what they want, and how we can begin to make that happen.

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    We focus on the customer-uncover what is important to them, what areas of concern they have, what they like and any other ideas or suggestions they have that they feel may help the organization.

    We accomplish this through DISC Training, team building, mastermind concept,  employees feedback. We also perform Think Tank Q&A sessions, live observation, and incentive creation. Our goal is to help employees remove obstacles by thinking and talking through real deals and working on the spot solutions.

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    Process – Identification, Development, Implementation

    We start with meetings with top management and study the business. Then we report our findings to the leadership team and prioritize what should be done first, second, third, etc. We go back and design the learning specific to the desired results of the specified area. Lastly, we implement the learning usually using blended learning approach.

    We do this process by

    1. Gaining pre-sell information.
    2. Observe and learn the business.
    3. Discuss observations with management.
    4. Design the learning.
    5. Implement the learning.
    6. Evaluate.
    7. Follow up.

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  • Non Profit Organizations

Peoplevest is the best consulting company I have ever worked and highly recommended for all size of companies.

Stephanie Turzanski – In House Marketing


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